Getting Snappy

Oh Snap! Instabooth can be customized to fit you!
Have a great view at your event?  Our booth can stand open air with anything as your backdrop!
But of course if you have those shyer guests, we have curtains available for a more private experience.

Want a message, picture, or logo on your photos?  We can custom design your photo prints just for your special occasion.  Our graphic artist will work with you to design and personalize your photo prints prior to your event so you can rest assured that the design is something you will love.

Our prints can be a standard 4×6 or 6×4 with different layouts or cut in half to make two 2×6 strips.
2×6 strips are great for scrapbooking!  Your guest can take one strip and leave one with you so the both of you can share the same lasting memory.

Get Silly! We have a wide range of props so everyone at your party can have insta-FUN!


(Examples of different layouts..anything is possible! We will help you choose to make it look great!)

layout example